Fluor Employees Inspire More Than 11,000 Future Engineers to Invent Amazing

Thursday, March 14, 2019 8:04 pm EDT


During Fluor’s Engineers Week (EWeek), employees showcase their passion for engineering, expose young minds to the profession and continue to serve as reminders of how engineers help shape the world. For 50 years, Fluor has supported Engineers Week by participating in educational outreach programs through DiscoverE, taking part in the always-popular Friendly Competition and honoring professional engineers and their contributions to the company.

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) outreach
Fluor is dedicated to promoting STEM education to students through outreach and volunteerism. During EWeek, volunteers visit schools and other community organizations to spark youths’ interest in engineering and engage them in hands-on activities. This year, Fluor volunteers visited 128 schools and charitable organizations, providing more than 11,200 students with approximately 43,000 hours of STEM enrichment.

Friendly Competition 
Twenty-six locations and more than 200 teams put their skills to the test during this year’s Friendly Competition, themed “Super Over.”

Global Marathon
DiscoverE’s Global Marathon is an annual worldwide, online forum where professional and college-level women can network, learn and share. The free, 45-minute weekly sessions meet virtually and presenters share their stories of personal, educational and professional challenges and successes.

Fluor Engineering Challenge
This year, Fluor celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Fluor Engineering Challenge. With help from a team of scientists and educators from Science Buddies, the Fluor Engineering Challenge makes past Fluor Friendly Competitions available to students around the globe in a hands-on and engaging format, designed specifically for students. Top scores and innovative designs are featured on the Science Buddies website, and Fluor holds a drawing for participating student teams to win one of 20 $1,000 grants for their school or qualifying organization. The 2019 Fluor Challenge, "Volleyball Machine Challenge," is based on a Friendly Competition designed in Southern California. More than 660 teams (approximately 2,000 students) submitted projects.

Honoring our engineers
Twenty-three Fluor locations hosted events to recognize and celebrate Fluor engineers. This year, nearly 900 engineers were recognized and thanked for their contributions.

Engineers Week is only once a year, but the accomplishments of engineers and their impact on society can be seen daily. Let’s continue to celebrate engineers – society’s unsung heroes.


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