Volunteers Reduce Ocean Litter During 4th Annual Global Shore Cleanup

Fluor Cares volunteers helped restore miles of shoreline and removed more than 4,600 pounds of garbage and nearly 500 pounds of recyclable waste.
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 5:06 pm EST


Litter in oceans ranks as one of the most serious pollution problems of our time; it affects the health of people, wildlife and economies. This year, more than 200 Fluor volunteers took to shorelines and parks to help in an effort to conserve our environment for generations to come.

Fluor volunteers at the cleanup site in Cebu.

Volunteers helped restore miles of shoreline, removing more than 4,600 pounds of garbage and nearly 500 pounds of recyclable waste. Each site coordinated events that best suited the needs of their local communities.

“It truly is amazing to see volunteers come together from different parts of the world to work toward one initiative,” said Tanya Aguilar, Southern California Community Relations coordinator. “The collective impact made on our environment and local communities is huge, and we couldn't do this without the support of all involved. I look forward to working with everyone again next year as we continue this great movement.”

Fluor has a commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment and invests in programs that preserve and/or enhance natural resources and habitats throughout communities.

The company and its employees strive to create resilient, sustainable communities wherever its employees live and work. For more information about Fluor’s efforts in the community, visit www.fluor.com/sustainability/.

Volunteers in Calgary display the trash they collected during their cleanup effort.

Volunteers collected several tires during the cleanup effort in Greenville.

Volunteers in Asturias collect 26 bags of garbage and recyclables during their cleanup effort.

Volunteers in Dallas removed 540 pounds of litter from the Trinity River.

Southern California volunteers work together to make the hiking trail at Bolsa Chica Wetlands safe for visitors by removing overgrown bushes and plants from the area.


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Fluor volunteers at the cleanup site in Cebu.


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