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Fluor Signs MOU with Longview Fusion Energy Systems to Support Innovative Laser Fusion Power Commercialization

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 08:22 AM

Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR) announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Longview Fusion Energy Systems, Inc. to serve as its engineering and construction partner in designing and planning laser fusion energy for the global energy market.

At full capacity, Longview’s laser fusion power plants (1,000–1,600MW) are slated to provide carbon-free, safe, economical and sustainable energy that can power the needs of a small city or provide process heat or power to drive industrial production of the materials needed for operational necessities like steel, fertilizer and hydrogen fuel.

“Fluor is a leader in designing and building solutions to create a sustainable future and our partnership with Longview Fusion Energy Systems builds upon that experience,” said Tom D’Agostino, group president of Fluor’s Mission Solutions business. “From developing and constructing large-scale energy facilities to designing, building and operating complex chemical processing and innovative industrial projects, our expertise helps clients reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and deliver cleaner, decarbonized projects. We look forward to working with Longview on the mission to demonstrate the feasibility of laser fusion technology and deliver it to the commercial market.”

Under the MOU, Fluor will leverage its global experience in developing and constructing complex, large-scale facilities to provide preliminary design and engineering to support the development of Longview’s fusion-powered plant.

“The Longview power plant design is based on the recent breakthrough at the National Ignition Facility showing the world’s only experimental demonstration of fusion with energy gain,” said Ed Moses, chief executive officer of Longview Fusion Energy Systems. “This will combine modern, efficient lasers and a patented design to replicate these conditions several hundred times a minute – similar to the repetitive pulses in a car engine but delivering over one million horsepower.”

Following Longview’s accelerated plans to complete design and engineering, this revolutionary energy source will play a significant role in meeting the world’s growing need for clean energy.

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